FUN and FREE Family Activity (educational too)

Have you ever wondered what to do on a Saturday as a family? Concerned about costs? I have really enjoyed taking my family to the California Science Center in Los Angeles. It’s educational, very interactive, fun, and best of all it’s free to get in! The center has an aquarium, the space shuttle (go online to reserve a time), a life science section, earth science exhibits, and much more. There is a charge to park, but is worth it. Once you’re there, you are also next to the Natural History Museum (charges admission, but is still an amazing museum) and you’re right next to the campus for USC.

If you want to add a little adventure, my family enjoys driving down to the subway station located at the base of Universal Studios. We park in the free parking there. Then we take the escalators down to the subway, purchase tickets, and hop on the red line (only one running through there) heading towards Hollywood. Get off at 7th and Met. Transfer to the Expo line. It is marked by a blue dot, but don’t confuse it with the blue line. The Expo line will have the words “Expo” next to the blue dot. Take it to Exposition Park and get off. The large building with a huge beautiful fountain in front is where you want to go!

I really wanted to go here as a field trip, but I am already scheduled out for the year. I hope you get the chance to go. Pack a sack lunch and go early. You’ll be amazed at how quickly time can fly when you’re having fun! The website for the center is .

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Welcome Back 5th Graders and Parents!

I am excited to be starting a new year with your children! So far in class, 5th graders are learning about Mixtures and Solutions in Science class, geometrical formulas in Math, early times in Social Studies, and have been learning to use the computer for a variety of assignments and programs. Just a reminder to check and sign homework agendas everyday. Also, picture day is this Friday, the 19th. Lastly, I am always grateful to receive donations for our classroom treasure box. The more student appeal, the higher the valueplaced on it (think tickets at Chuck-E-Cheese’s).

Thanks for such a great start of the year!