Here are links to websites we will be using:


LearnBoost is an online gradebook that will be used to track students’ scores in the different content areas, as well as general behavior and responsibilities. Each student has created an account, which they should be able to access and share with their parents when requested. If any parent feels like they would prefer to also create their own account, please email me a request and I will send the required activation codes. Once you have the activation codes, click on the link above, create an account, then “add a class” one at a time until all codes have been entered.


On GoogleClassroom students will be given online assignments to complete. Some assignments will be completed using GoogleDrive (our cloud-based storage) in order to share and help peer edit each others’ work. Each student has an account and has been trained on how to use it.

Scholastic Book Club

Now you can now use a credit card to order Scholastic books online! Go to the link above and you will be linked to our class. Upon checkout, you will be asked to create an account. During this process, you will be able to add your child’s name to your order and pay with your credit card. The order is complete when I enter any other hand delivered orders on the due date and submit the order to scholastic. If you are ever curious about the arrival of the order after it has been officially sent, please send an email and I will forward a link to the package’s tracking.

Khan Academy

Every student in Somis school has been set up with an account with Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a free online resource that has over 4,600 videos and tutorials covering many subjects. We are beginning by using it for math. As a student signs in, it also tests them on their knowledge. As they master the concepts, the program tracks and checks it off, advancing them to more advanced concepts. We use this in class, but students can and are encouraged to use it at home.

They sign in by clicking on the google account sign-in option. Their user name is their first and last initial, followed by their student id number, then    The password is 0000, followed by their student id. For example, if my name is John Smith and my student id was 5565, then my user name would be and my password would be 00005565 (o=zeros).


Codecademy is the program we will be using this year to dabble in coding for computers. Each student has an account and we are learning from a fellow classmate who has been coding for a couple years now. Even the teacher is learning!

Math Is Fun Website

This website contains many useful math aids. One is the Timed Multiplication Drills

. I am recommending that every student complete a few 3 minute drills every day. Once one level is mastered to 100%, and having completed the grid several times, move on to the next level. I will be sporadically testing students’ with a timed, mixed review. Once a student successfully completes my 4 classroom timed test versions, they will no longer be required to drill.




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